Philippa Lodge

It was a sad, sad day...

The publisher of my novella, Musa, has closed down. They were about three years old and still weren't paying the owners. So many small businesses go out within three years, right?

Anyway, my rights for the Christmas novella have reverted to me, so watch this space for self-publishing details on that.

And coming soon (I hope. Fingers crossed.) There's a publisher interested in my first French historical romance. *Holding my breath*

One door closes and a window opens!

In the meantime, come dig the fancy clothes on my Pinterest account.

Henrietta Ana de Inglaterra Henrietta of England, daughter of King Charles I of England (the one who was beheaded), was raised in France (because she had to flee the English Civil War) with her cousin, Louis XIV, and his brother, Philippe ("Monsieur"), whom she married, at which time she was known as "Madame." She had two surviving children (at least one of whom was rumored to have actually been Louis's daughter instead of Philippe's) and died at the age of 26, after seeing her brother, Charles II, restored to England's throne.