Philippa Lodge

The rights for the Christmas novella have reverted to me, so watch this space for self-publishing details on that.


I have contracted with the Wild Rose Press to have them publish The Indispensable Wife, the first in my French historical romance series!

It will probably be available in the fall (barring editing and other disasters) in both ebook and as a print on demand paperback.

One door closes and a window opens!

Blurb/back cover copy (as it stands now):

Beneath the wigs and silks of the royal French court in the seventeenth century, treason simmers.

The arranged marriage of the Comte and Comtesse de Bures was brightened by young love, but the Comtesse’s miscarriages and the Comte’s deceptions have driven the two apart. While the Comte conducts business and amuses himself at Versailles, his wife occupies herself with their estate.

The same bleak morning that the château is overrun and the Comtesse taken hostage by two bastards of noble birth, Dominique, the Comte, is nearly killed by a crossbow bolt.

In his absence, Aurore, the Comtesse, is rescued by her bastard half-brother, who protects her as they travel with a troupe of itinerant musicians, hiding in the open.

Instead of pleading his innocence before Louis XIVth or organizing a force to retake his château, Dominique goes in search of his wife. He needs her diplomatic skills. He needs her unflagging optimism. He needs the support of her father and brothers.

He needs Aurore, period.

His lands, his titles, and his honor mean nothing without his indispensable wife.

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